Thank you for being so simply you.

I gave you a ride home and you told me

your plans of escape

You created confessions that were shallow and

sins that were fake

Like how you felt guilty for not calling your mom

the night before she left

And how you never replaced her last pack

of stolen cigarettes

If I’m being honest I’m impressed you remember

The grocery store and my hidden temper

That’s what you get when you try to make up for

Those years they should’ve but wouldn’t divorce

But thank you for being so simply you

There’s others like me who wish we could too

It’s a good look on you, you know

Looking at you

It’s a good look on you, you know

Looking at you

Here we are now still in yesterday’s clothes

You’re breaking hearts open like pistachios

Whatever cures your hunger the most

It’s a good look on you, you know

I’ll never swallow my pride enough to confess

I still think of you and your hair a mess

Looking at you instead of letting go

It’s a good look on you, you know





There is a traffic in my brain, a busy interstate screaming

Demanding warning signs and blaring lights

Requiring my investment, my attention, my devotion

Where is the empty outer space, a silent supernova fleeting

Glowing nebula and nameless heights

Reducing my agenda, my intention, my creation

Here we are wanting witness

Seeking a someone to watch our impact

Notice our stories and attend our existence

Here we are needing closeness

Feeling a hand to hold our weakness

Cradle our spirit and anchor our flesh…

Be my collision in the traffic, a force to stop the speeding

Erasing cluttered miles and messy nights

No more obsession, compulsion, distraction

Be the black hole in my galaxy, a space to delete the needing

Dissolving vacant light years and satellites

No more dependence, addiction, attachment