Beautiful Boy

There are a million things I have hoped for and prayed for our little boy. There are countless scenarios and future endeavors I have imagined during these passing months as he forms inside my womb, as if each dream I have of him could somehow be transferred from mind to body. As if my thoughts could become manifest through our shared blood and genetic code…I hope he is healthy and happy and handsome. I hope he loves adventure. I hope he gets along with the dog. I hope and pray that he comes into this world strong and whole…

But above all else, I hope he is kind.

I hope he can fix his eyes towards injustice with compassion. Unafraid, but not unphased. As the world recycles the same chaos, I pray he finds a way to be broken but never bitter. Above all else, I hope he is kind.


“Every day in every way, it’s getting better and better.” -John Lennon, Beautiful Boy


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