image.jpegI know you exhaustively…

Your movements, your bones, your skin

I breathe you in

I dance in response to your distress

My rhythm is lead by your every heartbeat

I know your past, and I try to predict your future… or change it…or delay it…or alleviate some heaviness from it

I know your veins like the bare branches of trees I climbed in youth

I know your fragility

I feel more responsibility for you than some of your family or dearest friends

and yet…there is no reciprocation in this knowing of you

There is no exchange of burden or sense of exposure on my part

There is no knowing of myself from you…

And this is very intentional

because if I revealed myself

If the single lane road were redeveloped or reconstructed…this would risk our collision…

This would risk my breaking…

And so we continue

I for you, and you for them

No junction of hearts, no intersection