Finding new music that you love is like being stuck in a downpour. I waste so much time when I find a new artist I’m head over heels in love with. It’s just like a new relationship and that stage where you have to see that person every second of every day. It’s important to have those moments in life when you get lost in something. It’s important to waste time in the downpour. Without them we don’t grow. Without them we don’t move forward or move on. So get lost in something outside of yourself and your busyness and your schedule. Find one and stay there, rather than trying to escape and protect yourself, rather than staying dry, rather than the monotony of whatever it is you’re fighting to keep intact. Get lost in the downpour.Image


Published by: wideyesweaknees

I am a new college graduate who is just figuring out this grown-up life thing and how adulthood works. I have just started my career in nursing. My passions are writing, poetry, cooking, and my family.

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