Recently I’ve found myself in a sort of rut. College is over. My free time is excessive, and the most I remember having since I was 5 years old. Four days off each week….? How can I possibly fill up that much time with no children, husband, pets, or home to tend to? I needed help, so thanks to some friendly suggestions I have started this blog, made a pinterest account, joined a gym, bought a few books to read, and spent more time outside. Productivity is deeply engrained in my happiness. If nothing is being accomplished I feel like a huge waste of space. Also I ran out of television series’ to catch up on…

So here it starts. My days are entirely too interesting at work and entirely too boring at home. Leaving life or death situations, obscene sights, unholy smells, and human emotions in their rarest form and coming home to silence is a habit impossible to maintain. Working as a nurse in the ICU is the craziest adventure I have ever been on. I’ve never had to step outside my comfort zone more. I’d like my non-work life to be equally as rewarding and exciting. 🙂



p.s….Right now I am so in awe of Muse’s new album 2nd law.. Each song is haunting, powerful, and so colorful. Favorite song: Save me.


Published by: wideyesweaknees

I am a new college graduate who is just figuring out this grown-up life thing and how adulthood works. I have just started my career in nursing. My passions are writing, poetry, cooking, and my family.

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